Taxi service for your car

Mirbach will pick up and deliver your car

Taxi service for your car

Safe transportation with Mirbach

In a hurry? No time? No possibility to take your car to our garage? We know about the problems of our clients. Our solution: Stay flexible - let us take care of picking up and returning your car. You cannot manage to come to our garage in Anzing for an appointment? Just let us know, so we can come to your place. If you wish so, we will also be happy to take your car in our closed truck - insurance included. We'll pick up your car at the desired time and we'll take it back to your house once the garage service is done.

Keep getting around

If you need a car while we take care of yours, please let us know. We'll be happy to provide you with a replacement vehicle. Once the work on your car is done, we will take it whereever you want: to the hairdresser's, to the fitness centre, to the restaurant or to your house. As a business customer you will also benefit from our taxi service: Come to the experts. We guarantee for a fast and undiplomatic handling.