Restoring antique cars

at Mirbach in Anzing

Restoration of antique cars

Why not benefit from our huge network of antique car specialists: They have excellent knowledge and will give you expert advice on the different brands of cars. Mirbach and Schuttenbach car dealers are specialized in restoring and repairing antique cars as well as classic cars. Our expertise in antique cars enables us to meet any customer's expectations.

No matter if you car needs paintwork, upholstery work or a full restoration: our deep knowledge and experience will ensure a maximum of satisfaction. We'd like to point out that our restoration work will only be done with original spare parts of the corresponding brand. That is how our team assures that your car - antique or classic - will be restored to its former glory.

Antique cars: our services at a glance

  • Repairs of car body and chassis
  • Body construction and sheet metal working
  • Repairs of chassis and brakes
  • Protective undercoating and body cavity sealing
  • Repairs of the car's electrics
  • Professional rework of your classic car
  • Repairs of the interior
  • Use of original spare parts
  • Repairs of engine and gear box
  • Repairs of the protective undercoating
  • Expansion of the car history
  • Antique car certificates and certificates of the actual cash value
  • Possibilities to park and store your car
  • General vehicle inspection

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Restoration of antique cars near Munich

Take your antique car to the experts and it will not only be ready to run again - it will shine as new, for that is how it should be. Over the many years we have been dealing with antique cars, our team of experts has gained broad experience in that field. And that is our key to success: Our goal is to preserve your car, to make it better: not to change it. That is why we do our work with the highest accuracy.

Your antique car will be the new eye-catcher on the road: from the outside as well as from the inside. The garage team works with quality equipment, ensuring an optimum handling of your antique car. Perfect results - thanks to precise work with high quality cars. Mirbach - your expert car dealer for antique car restorations.

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