Restoring classic cars

at Mirbach in Anzing

Restoration and purchase of classic cars

Think about the future: Would an antique car or classic car be the right store of value for you and your family? The car market for antique cars and classic cars is booming. And that is especially valid for classic cars whose store of value has increased during the last years. So why not invest? The timing could not be better! Of course - the charm of antique cars does play an important role.

But your dream is literally within your reach: You can just come and buy wonderful drives on roads in beautiful nature - with a classic car. At Mirbach, you'll surely find the car you've always dreamed of. If you are thinking of buying an antique car or classic car as an investment - and for your amusement, of course - we'll be happy to give advice.

Classic cars: our services at a glance

  • Repairs of car bodys and chassis
  • Repairs of chassis and brakes
  • Protective undercoating and body cavity sealing
  • Repairs of the car's electrics
  • Professional rework of your classic car
  • Repairs of the interior
  • Use of original spare parts
  • Repairs of engine and gear box
  • Repairs of the protective undercoating
  • Expansion of the car history
  • Classic car certificates and certificates of the actual cash value
  • Possibilities to park and store your car
  • General vehicle inspection

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Buy and restore classic cars

Classic cars at Mirbach. Mirbach car dealers offer a broad range of antique cars and classic cars for sale. On top of that we offer extensive work on the restoration of all kinds of different cars. We stand for exclusive antique cars and classic cars of renowned brands. Gearbox or automatic transmissions? We do have the right car for you. Of course, we will give you our personal expert info on any car we have, so you can be sure to buy the best exquisite car.

Do you already have an antique car or classic car that needs restoration? Please come to our garage - we will be happy to help. Our team stresses on precision and original spare parts for any kind of work we do. Of course, you can also take your classic car to our service regularly. Mirbach is your full service partner: we buy and sell antique and classic cars, we repair and restore them.

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